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Advance in 6: Continued Baking & Pastry Skill Building Series (Spring 2020)

$1,500.00 + 5% GST
PICA apron, recipe booklet from every class and pastry tools to use in class and at home! * 5” mini offset spatula * French piping tip * Round piping tip * Plastic bowl scraper * Professional fruit knife * High temperature silicone spatula
Basics in 8: Basic Baking & Pastry Skill Building

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DATES:  January 11, 18, 25, February 1, 8, and 22 2020 

TIME:  10AM - 4PM

FEES:  $1500.00 + GST

NOTE: Upon completion of this class, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and T2202A.

This hands-on series is designed for those wishing to continue developing their pastry skills learned in our Basics in 8: Baking & Pastry Skill Building classes.  You will take what you have learned in those classes and use those skills to create more complex pastries!

Session 1 - Cookies for the Tea Salon  Learn the secrets to the perfect Parisian macaron, financier, sable au burre, and Florentine cookies.  Perfect little bites to enjoy with coffee or tea.

Session 2 - Choux Paste & It's Diversities Discover the history and the uses of the “little cabbage”.  Perfect this versatile batter as you learn its many applications from the Paris Brest, cream puff and eclairs, to the savory grougère.

Session 3 - Advanced Preparations for Tarts  Perfect the art of making the tart shell which is the corner stone of many treats!  Lemon curd with toasted meringue waves, turn the humble fruit tart into a showstopper, amareena cherry and almond flan with salted caramel!

Session 4 - Custards, Cremes & Mousse  Master the basis for many classic custard based dishes such as crème caramel and crème brulee, chocolate mousse and Bavarois.  Discovering the magic of simplicity with these texture rich desserts!

Session 5 – Entremets & Advanced Cake Preparations  Perfect genois, rich devils food and silky smooth French butter cream.  Learn how to combine flavors and textures to replicate professional cakes that people won't believe when you tell them you've made it!

Session 6 – Chocolates & Confections  Learn the basics of tempering chocolate to cover, dip and enrobe confit citrus peels, pate des fruit and almond rochers and a champagne truffle to keep all to yourself or share if you are feeling generous!