Student Testimonials

Samantha P. One Year Dual Diploma

I couldn’t have asked for a better school experience. One of the things they don’t tell you is how much this school becomes a second family.

Sydney L. Baking & Pastry Arts

I have absolutely loved my experience here at PICA. The staff and instructors have been amazing and friendly. They truly want the students to succeed in their careers.

Brinton C. Baking & Pastry Arts

Take advantage of what the school offers. Now is the time to really develop yourself and be the best. Put in all the hard work now and you will see the benefits in the end. You’ll be surprised how much you grow in six months.

Rory B. One Year Dual Diploma

PICA was like a family for 12 months. I’m very sad to be leaving and will miss everyone greatly. I will be returning to see everyone.

Nicolas L. One Year Dual Diploma

Changed my life. I finally know what I’m doing for the rest of my life.

Rajeswari S. One Year Dual Diploma

It’s a stepping stone for career development.

Jackie F. One Year Dual Diploma

I stayed at PICA for one year. The only thing I can say is I love PICA. My school gives me a goal, a career, and makes me grow up!

Nicole P. Culinary Arts

The people that I have met and how much I have grown & learned has made my time here one of the best times of my life, without a doubt.

Miki S. Baking & Pastry Arts

Learning here was a wonderful privilege. I encourage anyone that has any doubts to forget them.

Andrea P. Baking & Pastry Arts

Amazing experience, excellent professional Chefs that want to prepare you for the future. I have enjoyed every day of the last six months; thank you PICA!